When Hurricane Ida struck New York last month, an incredible, terrifying scene occurred in the subway station at 28th and Seventh Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Water began gushing from under the platform in a violent, torrid geyser, turning the subway into a Universal ride.

One rider captured the moment on a smartphone and, within an hour, the video was posted to the Instagram account SubwayCreatures, where it racked up hundreds of thousands of views. TV stations across the globe picked up the 20-second clip, which became a defining image of the deadly storm, if not the precarity of urban life in a warming world.

That the clip first appeared on SubwayCreatures was fitting. The account, which has been around since 2013, aims to provide a voyeuristic look at the New York City Transit system, but it has also become a clearinghouse of breaking news and viral videos.

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