Another Hachiko Statue 

 The statue of the most popular pup in Tokyo,Japan has always been the ideal meeting place in Shibuya. But, due to the city’s extreme love for Hachiko, having one statue doesn’t feel like it is enough. As a way of commemorating his 80th death anniversary, another statue through the funding of donations was build on the campus of The University of Tokyo right beside Ueno Park.

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Hidesaburo Ueno, the owner of Hachiko, used to be a professor of the university, travelling home to the Shibuya Station daily where his beloved furry friend would be waiting for him every night. When Ueno died in 1925, legend has it that the loyal dog continued waiting for him for the next 10 years until his final moments in 1935. Good thing that the story still had a happy ending because the new statue reflects the reunion between the master and his faithful dog. Now, is there anything sweeter than that? 

Kaneiji Temple in Ueno Daibutsu 

Kaneiji Temple found inside Ueno Park is the site of the Great Buddha Hill or Daibutsu Yama and the impressive Buddha state. The statue of Ueno Daibatsu dates as far back as 1631 and the huge Buddha face is sitting peacefully in the park.

Video: Kaneiji Temple Tokyo in Cherry Blossom

The original statue’s head toppled over in 1923 during the Great Kanto earthquake while its body was melted for metal during WWII that only left the face alone. Grab this chance to be up close and personal as you examine the curvy details and lines of his moustache. 

Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka 

The residential building created by the artists and architects Madeline Gins and Shusaku Arakawa in 2005 was made with the purpose of helping people attain longevity. Setouchi Jakuchou, a novelist, referred to it as the ultachromatic undying house. There are 9 units in the building and 14 various colors. With Helen Keller as its inspiration, this includes features made for people with physical abilities. For example, there are spaces that are more suitable for children than adults. There are tours and units available for both long term and short term stays. 

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