After “Emily in Paris” arrived on Netflix last fall, the series — about a young American marketing wiz stumbling through life in a new city — was derided for portraying a fantasy version of French culture. Parisians bristled at the show’s inaccuracies and clichés, from people smoking in the office to the number of berets onscreen.

“It’s the series that French people love to hate,” said Marylin Fitoussi, the show’s costume designer.

Still, the show provided a welcome escape for those stuck at home. It was a warm bath for weary souls; a silly, romantic, candy-colored romp through a beautiful city untouched by the pandemic. The clothes played a part in that.

Ms. Fitoussi had originally tried for realism with certain outfits. For Mindy (Ashley Park), an heiress moonlighting as a nanny and Emily’s first real friend in Paris, her instinct was to dress her in comfortable clothes and sneakers. But that changed after a conversation with the show’s costume consultant, Patricia Field, known for her fantastical costuming on “Sex and the City.”

“They said to me the magical sentence: ‘Marylin, we don’t care about reality,’” said Ms. Fitoussi, who appeared on a Zoom call wearing a black turban, a gold collared shirt under a printed yellow jacket, and an array of enormous sculptural rings. “That is my mojo in life.”

For Season 2, out on Dec. 22, Ms. Fitoussi and Ms. Field were determined to push the show’s fashions even further. Emily (Lily Collins) is navigating a sticky love triangle but settling into life in Paris, and her style has become more sophisticated, if no less eye-catching. Even Emily’s imperious boss, Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu), is pushing the boundaries

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