Una persona ansiosa intenta tranquilizarse

Al final, lo que me aburrió fue obsesionarme con mi vecino, intentar salir a cenar con alguien que cree que hacer reservaciones es “limitante” y ver cómo mis amigos dejaban de prestarme atención cada vez que me quejaba, por enésima vez, de que me hubiera cancelado una cita.

Dejé de mantener la luz encendida toda la noche, comencé a dormir bien, encontré un terapeuta y me abrí a la posibilidad de conocer a otra persona.

Esa otra persona fue Henry, el amigo de un amigo que conocí en la proyección de una película. Tenía pecas por toda la cara y …

Jeff Probst Is the Ultimate Survivor

“One thing is clear is that he loves it,” Mr. Probst’s friend, the director Tyler Perry, wrote in an email. “Just look at him sitting there in the rain at tribal council. He ain’t no diva. That’s the love of the game.”

Authenticity, “Survivor” fans have come to know, means warts and all. It means the show can’t, per Mr. Probst’s directive, change the intent of someone’s words during editing. It’s meant watching one contestant demand another remove her fake teeth during a tribal council as payback for a blindside. It’s even meant watching a gay contestant out a trans …

TS Madison Steals the Spotlight

Nineteen minutes into the film “Zola,” the actress TS Madison delivers a devotion that becomes a kind of mantra for the rest of the film.

“Dear heavenly father, we come to you thanking you today for all the bounties that you’ve bestowed upon us, Jesus,” her character, a stripper named Hollywood, recites with her head bowed and her hands linked with several dancers backstage. “We are asking for a special prayer today,” she says repeatedly.

The prayer — in which she begs for God to send Black men who are cultured, have good credit (“840!”) and are well endowed —

Where Was This Money When I Made My Down Payment?

I have hosted and attended many bridal showers. Lately, I’ve noticed that hosts frequently ask attendees to pay a flat fee to cover the costs of food, drink, décor, party favors, etc. I’d like to think I’m generous. I have no issue covering my food, drinks or special activities, but it irks me to be asked to pay for things like party favors. Am I cheap, or should hosts incur some costs?


Traditionally, the maid of honor or all bridesmaids host (and pay!) for the bridal shower. But I, too, have noticed the …

How New York Is New York Fashion?

“My grandfather was a truck driver,” said Mr. McNicol, who throughout the creation of this debut collection held on to his 9 to 5 job as a medical underwriter. “My grandfather kept his clothes for 20 or 30 years, and that really speaks to me in terms of how I see my designs.”

If there were echoes in a show of what Mr. McNicol called “leisure wear for artists,” of boxy silhouettes familiar from designs by talented men’s wear practitioners like Evan Kinori (and of immortals like Helmut Lang and Jil Sander), their quiet confidence was all his own. They …

Met Gala: ASAP Rocky Wears Young Designer ERL

When ASAP Rocky asked Eli Russell Linnetz if he could visit the young designer’s studio, Mr. Linnetz was somewhat reluctant. His space is “very private,” he said, tucked away in Venice Beach, Calif., isolated from the fashion world.

But the New York rapper showed genuine interest in the label, ERL — and he was “the sweetest, most charismatic person,” Mr. Linnetz said, which the designer found refreshing. He had spent a few years in the music industry, directing music videos for Kanye West and creating sets for Lady Gaga, before leaving so that he “could go and create something like

The New American Sexy

Models oozing out of office chairs at Rachel Comey.Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images.

That was the message of the Luar show, too, with its sweatsuits and pearl-tux stripe trousers and different riffs on a huge oyster earring with swooping loops of pearls that I could see taking off like a Telfar bag. One imagines Lopez has stores like Nordstrom as well as Dover Street Market in mind. It’s striking to see Lopez as suddenly so of the moment, since he actually had a big hand in creating it. He’s relaunched and reworked his brand a handful of times over …

‘Bennifer’ Shuts Down the Red Carpet at the 2021 Venice Film Festival: Jennifer Lopez Wears Georges Hobeika Fall 2021 Couture Gown and Ben Affleck Wears Dolce and Gabbana Suit

Fashion Bomb Couple “Bennifer” continues to steal the show as the pair made their first red carpet appearance at the 2021 Venice Film Festival since rekindling their relationship. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ultimately shut down the red carpet as they attended the premiere of The Last Duel which Affleck stars in alongside Matt Damon. Confirming rumors by showing up at international event as a couple, the two stepped out in sophisticated looks for their first red carpet appearance in 18 years.

Jennifer Lopez wore a Georges Hobeika Fall 2021 Couture gown, styled by Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn. Her …

Sustainability, Social Justice, Fashion Shows and What We Wear Next

Ms. Ross The truth is that we are all a product of our lived experiences, and you want to feel seen and heard in what you spend your money on as well as have a sense of selfhood. My experience as a C.E.O. with Pattern was that there’s so much data left off the table. And there was a demographic and a vast community and a consumer that was not being tracked appropriately. And so there was no way to actually buy appropriately because there was no data to confirm that these were people who were going to shop. We …

Smart Glasses Made Google Look Dumb. Now Facebook Is Giving Them a Try.

SAN FRANCISCO — Last Saturday, after a three-mile hike through the Presidio, I stood in a throng of tourists looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. As the crowd snapped photos of the landmark, I decided to join in.

But instead of reaching into my pocket for my iPhone, I tapped the side of my Ray-Ban sunglasses until I heard the click of a shutter. Later, I downloaded the photos that my sunglasses had just taken to my phone.

The process was instant, simple, unobtrusive — and it was powered by Facebook, which has teamed up with Ray-Ban. Their new line