The App With the Unprintable Name That Wants to Give Power to Creators

In October, Ms. Lugrin posted a blog post announcing FYPM, which, she wrote, was “birthed out of rage.” Taking aim at influencer marketing platforms, she said most were “really just another platform designed to help more business owners exploit influencer talent, but in a new ‘innovative’ way!”

After building a prototype of FYPM, she was accepted in March into a 10-week start-up incubator program in Taiwan led by Backend Capital, a venture capital firm. There she met her co-founder, Ms. Mehra, who was on the hunt for her next challenge.

“I wanted to use technology for good,” Ms. Mehra said. …

Does Back to School Mean a Jacket and Slacks?

First, please thank your son for his service over the last year. I am sure it made a difference to many people.

I am also sure clothes were the last

Can Fake Accounts Save the Internet?

In a phone conversation, Mr. Kesvani, who recently published a book on the online life of young Muslims, said his research subjects described anonymity and pseudonymity as ways to avoid the gazes of their families, to explore beyond their denominational communities and to socialize — in other words, more or less the same reasons any young person might desire privacy, online or off.

“In forums, you could be playful in your identities, but in your real world you’re constricted,” he said, recalling the internet where, and when, he came of age. The rise of universal social platforms, Mr. Kesvani said, …

Always a Bride and Groom, Now Together as a Married Couple

Mr. Pasqualone agreed. “The biggest thing that has brought us together has been the concept of family,” he said, choking back tears. “That was so important to me, because when I saw her with my children, and how she interacts with them, and how she interacts with my parents, it’s just something I love seeing.”

Among the many things the couple have in common is that both of their families are from Abruzzo, an Italian region, east of Rome, with an Adriatic coastline.

Three years ago, they visited Abruzzo, and learned minutes after arriving that they were to attend a …

Feeling Crafty? Make Your Own Wedding Day Look.

In 1992, Jane Daly was looking for a self-empowering project to take on. At the same time, she was also planning her wedding.

She found a way to do both by designing and sewing her wedding dress. “No one was making their own dress back then, but I wanted to prove to myself I could do this,” said Ms. Daly, a 58-year-old patient care coordinator at Professional Physical Therapy in River Edge, N.J., who married William Daly, also 58, on May 9, 1992 at St. Peter Apostle Church, also in River Edge.

For four months she worked nights at her

A Wedding or an Art Installation? A Little of Both.

Kristin Banta is a Los Angeles event planner specializing in weddings, but you might not know this from her recent functions.

For one wedding, she designed a gigantic banana peel on the reception floor. In another, she worked with vendors to construct 250 feet of golden nautical rope to serve as a centerpiece. She had a flock of 5,000 paper cranes made for a third.

The strangest, though, may have been the antlers dipped in automotive paint. Or maybe it was the floating candy cloud reachable via a golden ladder.

“Today’s couples want something provocative, memorable, experiential, tactile and reflective

Tiny Love Stories: ‘Don’t Date People in Your Neighborhood’

In December 2020, my boyfriend and I hiked Kranzhorn, a mountain that divides Austria and Germany. As we climbed, the snow drifts thickened. We were surprised to see a fit middle-aged man bike past us alone. When we reached the summit, we saw him again — this time, with a woman. On our way down, the biker, now alone, passed us one more time. We asked about the woman. He lived on the German side of the border and she on the Austrian. Even in the strictest of times, they had found a way to

‘The Hot Doctor’ Finds a Life Partner Close to Home

It took him nine months. But on a rainy morning in March 2016, in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia, the man known as “the hot doctor” by all the girls on the block finally asked out the girl he apparently had noticed a few months after she had moved into the brownstone just one door down from his.

Jerri Hobdy was walking her dog in the rain. She said her neighbor, Dr. Ryan Weight, appeared “unusually chatty considering the weather.” He asked her out to bubble tea and it was love at first sip.

Ms. Hobdy, 29, is a Houston

Is the Hamptons Party Moving to Springs?

Rita Cantina, a festive Mexican restaurant in the Hamptons, has been getting a lot of attention since opening this summer.

On a recent Wednesday night Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis were seated in one corner, enjoying items like margaritas and littleneck clams. At the bar, spirited diners in fedoras and crop tops slammed back tequila and danced to Bad Bunny.

Adam Miller, 32, one of the owners, ran around taking drink orders. “If people are there, we will stay open all night,” he said.

the Hamptons without socialites and celebrities.”

Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, a museum in Springs. “They …

Are You in an ‘Inter-Intimate’ Relationship?

“Problems can arise if one partner feels ‘skin-starved’ and the other feels that they offer enough affection or doesn’t prioritize affection and physical touch as integral to the success of the relationship,” said La’Tesha Sampson, a clinical social worker and the founder of Great Joy Counseling and Consulting Services in Clark, N.J.

Reneze Lopez, 25, a travel and style blogger in Henderson, Nev., and Gary Goodman, 52, a licensed pharmacist turned stock trader in Las Vegas, have been dating for four years. Ms. Lopez said that their conflicting intimacy styles have put a strain on their relationship.

“I have definitely …