How to Learn to Read Tarot Cards

Step 7

First up, the minor arcana. Cups, associated with water, is the suit that deals primarily with emotions, openness and imagination. Wands, associated with fire and passion, represent energy, movement and creative force. Swords, associated with air, represent your mind; how you think, communicate and solve problems. Pentacles, associated with earth, explore the physical world and how we interact with it, representing topics like money, the home and careers.

Next, the court cards. Just like in a regular deck of cards, each suit has face or court cards — usually called …

How Arizona Won the Cannabis Legalization Race

Since Arizona legalized medical cannabis in 2010, more than 300,000 residents of the state have been approved as medical patients. Businesses have kept up: Total annual sales grew to more than $1 billion last year, and more than 20,000 people work in the state’s cannabis industry, according to Leafly, a trade publication.

But for years, there’s been resistance to expanding the legal market. In fact, just a few years ago, Arizona voted against legalizing recreational marijuana.

In 2016, a group of conservative donors banded together to oppose Proposition 205, which would do just that. They included the owner of Discount …

There’s a Huge Sale on Timex Watches at Todd Snyder Right Now

We thought Todd Snyder’s spring sale couldn’t possibly get any better—with the savings already ratcheted up to 70% off—but a clutch of the everyman menswear master’s collaborative Timex watches are now up for grabs at serious markdowns. For years now, the ongoing Snyder-Timex partnership has produced some of the most drool-worthy affordable timepieces on the planet: rugged field watches and elegant chronographs and beyond, all imbued with the kind of vintage-inspired touches that make serious collectors swoon. Right now you can nab a handful of watches for up to 42 percent off. Our advice? Hurry. These deals ain’t gonna last …

Why No One Can Knock Off Telfar

Late last week, images began circulating on Twitter of a white Guess leather shopper bag with a circular logo, handles, and a shoulder strap. Other than the “G” in place of the “T,” it looked almost exactly like the iconic vegan leather it-bag by New York brand Telfar, one of the few success stories of 2020’s historically bleak year for fashion.

In fact, Telfar Clemens and his creative director, Babak Radboy, had been aware of the bag, which was created by a Guess licensee, since February, according to the New York Times. But they decided not to pursue any legal …

Virtual Concerts to Watch

The performing arts have endured a year like no other, but the decimation of touring and in-person shows has in no way squelched music fans’ love of a live performance. And in many ways, the pandemic has yielded creative new ways for artists to engage with their listeners.

Since March 2020, for example, the wildly popular Instagram Live series Verzuz, created by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, has recruited some of the biggest names in rap, hip-hop and R&B for nostalgia-driven battles. Highlighting their musical oeuvres and mimicking D.J. battles, each artist plays a song, then their opponent follows with one

Inside the New Bode Tailor Shop

When designer Emily Bode and her partner, Aaron Aujla of Green River Project, heard their neighborhood coffee guy was retiring, they were naturally distraught. The Classic Coffee Shop on Hester St. was right next door to the Bode retail store, and around the corner from the couple’s apartment. Open for over 40 years, it was one of those spots that had survived several waves of gentrification and became an institution, with prices that seemed straight out of the George H.W. Bush administration. Also: “The coffee was great,” Aujla says. They went by almost every day. But proprietor Carmen Morales was …

‘Kid 90’ and the Days When Even Wild TV Teens Had Privacy

Sometimes I remember the clunky devices of my youth — the boxy Polaroid cameras, the bricklike car phones, the shrill answering machines, the pagers that could be made to spell an angular, all-caps “BOOBS.” This was the personal tech of the early-to-mid-1990s, in the years before AOL Instant Messenger provided an internet on-ramp, which means it was pretty much the last time an American teenager could behave with some expectation of privacy.

Still, camcorders existed back then and Soleil Moon Frye, the child star of “Punky Brewster,” rarely turned hers off. In “Kid 90,” a documentary now streaming on Hulu,

Blac Chyna Poses in Fashion Nova Black Snake Print Zip-Up Jacket and Leggings

Blac Chyna was spotted in Beverly Hills posing near a few luxurious cars. For her look, she kept it comfy in all-black snakeskin print activewear by Fashion Nova.

Blac Chyna wore Fashion Nova’s $29.99 Anaconda Boo Foil Print Active Jacket and $24.99 Anaconda Boo Foil Print Active Leggings. To complete the look, she wore Chanel sneakers, a Balmain shoulder bag, and black shades.

Fashion Nova’s Anaconda Boo Foil Print Active Jacket and Leggings appear in a slick, shiny snakeskin print, making the look resemble that of real snakeskin. The cropped jacket includes a full length zipper and high neck detail …

So You Want to Have a Lucid Dream?

“From everything we know, if people really try to start engaging with the topic and maybe do some training and so on, most people at some point will have a lucid dream,” said Martin Dresler, a cognitive neuroscientist at Radboud University’s Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior in the Netherlands.

Daniel Love, a lucid dream educator in Truro, England, said that he’s observed a wide range of experiences with lucid dreaming. “Over years of teaching, I found a huge variety in the abilities for people and some people who just can’t get past certain blockages,” he said. Skilled lucid …

Vaccines and Travel: What You Need to Know

Proof of vaccination may also be required to board a cruise ship: Royal Caribbean is requiring passengers 16 and older to be vaccinated for the May maiden voyage of Odyssey of the Seas, which will depart from Israel — which is outpacing much of the world in vaccinations — and sail the Mediterrean. Virgin Voyages, Crystal Cruises and other cruise lines have also announced vaccine requirements for all passengers and crew.

The idea of proof of vaccination as a requirement for travel is not new; certain countries require travelers to be vaccinated against yellow fever. The World Health Organization, for …