Hat Etiquette:

As Jeff Bezos proved when he donned a cowboy hat for his first Blue Origin trip, hats are definitely the statement pieces of the moment — for good or ill.

And though his choice provoked a

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Jeff Bezos’s Space Style

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about the whole thing was that it wasn’t that noteworthy at all: another Tuesday. Another billionaire businessman paying to catapult himself into space.

Yet the sight of Jeff Bezos, in his beige cowboy hat and blue spacesuit (wearing a custom Omega Speedmaster over the sleeve as if he were Buzz Aldrin), high-fiving astronauts and then waxing profound about the experience afterward, resonated in ways that Sir Richard Branson’s wild ride did not.

It has taken Amazon just 27 years to become a $1.8 trillion company. Depending on the oscillations of the stock market, Mr. Bezos

Can a Yarn Store Be a Place of Healing?

Unlike so many small businesses, Downtown Yarns, Leti Ruiz’s yarn store in New York’s East Village, managed to make it through the pandemic intact. A surge in interest in crafting — including knitting and crocheting, the store’s specialties — brought both returning and new customers in search of comfort and distraction. When people were stuck at home, patrons placed orders over the phone or through Instagram and a friend of the store made deliveries to all five boroughs. In the end, the store actually fared better financially in 2020, Ms. Ruiz said, than it had in 2019.

Now, however, Ms.

Wally Funk’s Launch With Jeff Bezos Defies 60 Years of Exclusion From Space

Wally Funk is finally going to space. When on Tuesday she crosses that arbitrary altitude that divides the heavens from Earth below, in a rocket built by Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin, she’ll be 82, the oldest person ever to go into space. But that is not what makes her so special.

Ms. Funk is one of the few people who has directly participated in both eras of human spaceflight so far — the one that started as an urgent race between rival nations, and the one that we are now transitioning into, in which private companies and the billionaires

Travel’s Back. And It Smells Like Marijuana.

But even in states where cannabis has been legal for years, the rules on its consumption are still evolving. Alaska voters ushered in legal recreational marijuana use in 2014. Still, on the Alaska cruises restarting this summer, passengers can buy cannabis at ports of call but can’t bring it back to the ship because they sail in federal waters. They also can’t smoke it in town, or take it kayaking, fishing or on a hike onto federal land, said Ms. Rose, who added that she hoped consumption lounges would be allowed in the future because currently, “you tell people it’s …

Keith McNally Stirs the Pot

One of the luckiest things that can happen to a restaurant is for it to remain open long enough to become a place that famous people used to go.

That was part of what made the March reopening of Balthazar, a SoHo mainstay since the height of the dot-com bubble, unusual. Jay-Z and Beyoncé turned up for dinner. Nancy Pelosi came for breakfast. Patrons made out at their tables, took trips together to the bathroom.

“People are horny!” said Jonathan Wynne, the bartender.

But all those shows have been upstaged by the one the restaurant’s 69-year-old owner, Keith McNally, is

What to Do This Weekend

Welcome. The movies are back. Broadway is back. Public displays of affection are back. Travel is back (and it smells like weed). “Ted Lasso,” co-working spaces and even the goat landscapers of Manhattan’s Riverside Park are back.

But what does it mean to be back, really? Indoor masking is back in Los Angeles. Rising case numbers are back, too, across the U.S. Over the past year and a half, I’ve learned to take the good news with gratitude and with caution. When things come back, many of us are inclined to hold them carefully, knowing that “back” means different things

‘Modern Love’ Season 2: Watch the Trailer

Nearly two years ago, “Modern Love” premiered worldwide as an eight-episode streaming series on Prime Video. Inspired by essays from the Modern Love column, the episodes explored love in New York City in many forms, including dating with bipolar disorder and a gay couple adopting a baby girl.

The show’s second season, which will begin streaming on Aug. 13, goes international, with three episodes set in Ireland (along with five in New York).

Also new this season: One of the episodes, “Strangers on a Train,” starring Kit Harington and Lucy Boynton, was inspired not by a Modern Love essay but

Britney Spears Fans Gathered Outside of Courthouse Awaiting News

Outside a Los Angeles courthouse on Wednesday, throngs of Britney Spears fans — and nearly an equal number of reporters and photographers — gathered under the afternoon sun as a judge evaluated Ms. Spears’s legal representation and conservatorship.

Supporters crammed onto a narrow sidewalk wearing official and D.I.Y. Britney Spears merchandise as they awaited news from inside the building. One attendee brought homemade #FreeBritney sugar cookies. Another had a portrait of the star tattooed on her arm. There were hand-lettered signs that read “The world is watching” and “End the Conservatorship Now!” #FreeBritney flags also flew among the ralliers as