‘Like a Warm Hug From an Angel’


For a handful of cultures across the globe, the Arab world among them, these distinct blankets deliver not only an impossibly warm, soft hug but a great sense of belonging.

destructive and deadly winter storm that recently left millions without heat in Texas, where he lives. “That thing is this blanket,” Taha said on TikTok, pointing behind him to an ornate hunter green and rose pink bedspread printed with large flowers.

These blankets are “literal lifesavers,” said Taha, who calls himself “just an average Muslim-American” on

My Year of Grief and Cancellation

Stuck at home, I devoted myself to Tumblr. What was I trying to accomplish? Mostly, I was interested in knocking people off their pedestals. I also enjoyed being popular, controversial, discussed. When a comedian I had posted about name-checked my blog on Twitter, I was giddy.

Then I started receiving threats. Someone sent me a screenshot of a house from Google Maps, claiming to have found my IP address. It wasn’t my house, but still. I realized that for every person on Tumblr who looked up to my blog, there were many more, online and offline, who hated it — …

How to Beat Covid Insomnia

Adults already spend the majority of time sleeping on their side, and research has found that people spend more time sleeping on their side as they age. Still, there isn’t evidence to suggest that a certain body position leads to better sleep, and the sleep doctors I spoke to said you can’t really control your movement while you’re asleep anyway.

The average adult only spends about 7 percent of their sleep time on their stomach, but I already fall asleep on my stomach as a rule. I can’t drift off unless I’m in a very specific …

12 Big Deals to Snag from Everlane’s Stocked Sale Section

If you’re behind on a summer restock of your Zoom casual wardrobe, you’re in luck: the current Everlane sale knocks up to seventy percent off its jeans, tees, sweaters, jackets, and a whole lot more. Which means if you’ve been thinking about picking up any of the brand’s clean, crisp basics—their always reliable tees and sweats, their top-notch cashmere knits, or maybe their durable, well-fitting jeans—now is the time to strike. And we mean, like, *right now*: this stuff is selling out fast. If you need some guidance, scroll on down for a handful of our top picks from the

Could Brexit Destroy British Fashion?

Not long before the latest fully-digital London Fashion Week began on February 19 — with a pared-down schedule that reflected the ongoing fallout of the pandemic on the sector — more than 450 leading industry figures, including designers like Paul Smith, Katherine Hamnett and Roksanda Ilincic, sent an irate letter to 10 Downing Street.

In it, signatories claimed that the newly inked Brexit trade terms negotiated between the European Union and Britain could threaten the survival of hundreds of fashion businesses “disregarded” by the last-minute deal. The local industry, the letter said, was potentially facing “decimation” thanks to the newly

VHS Tapes Are Worth Money

Michael Myerz, 29, an experimental hip-hop artist in Atlanta, who has a modest collection of VHS tapes, finds the medium inspirational. Some of what Mr. Myerz seeks in his work, he said, is to replicate the sounds from “some weird, obscure movie on VHS I would have seen at my friend’s house, late at night, after his parents were asleep.” He described his work as “mid-lo-fi.” “The quality feels raw but warm and full of flavor,” he said of VHS.

For collectors like April Bleakney, 35, the owner and artist of Ape Made, a fine art and screen-printing company in …

A Desire for Consistency (and Sanitizing) Led to Love

Their first outing together was in Harlem, where they went to a concert at the home of Marjorie Eliot, who has hosted jazz concerts in her Harlem apartment for decades. Ms. Keshwani and Mr. Navodia had also discussed plans to go out dancing together — Ms. Keshwani wanted to learn the fox trot; Mr. Navodia, who is a seasoned ballroom dancer, was eager to join. But the coronavirus pandemic came just a couple months into their budding relationship. So the couple had to cook up other ideas for dates, many of them taken in a car filled with sanitizer and …

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Who Wore It Better: Lori Harvey and Michelle Williams Both Wore Atelier Zuhra’s Silver Mid Cut Acrylic Dress

Lori Harvey recently popped out in Atelier Zuhra’s SS18-19 Silver Mid Cut Dress in full acrylic. This caused us to dip into our archives and discover that Michelle Williams also wore this dress while attending the premier of the live action version of Disney’s The Lion King film in July 2019. So, we must ask: Who wore it better?

Lori Harvey wore the Atelier Zuhra silver dress with Amina Muaddi Begum Embellished PVC Pumps and Hermes accessories including a pink Croc Kelly Cut Pochette and jewelry. Lori Harvey’s look was styled by Apuje Kalu. Her hair was executed by Angela Calisti with …