Meet the Contestants for Fashion Bomb Daily x Shea Moisture’s Next Bomb Designer Contest: Khang Le, Keama Garrett, Albert Montris, and More!

Last month, Fashion Bomb Daily announced its partnership with Shea Moisture to find the Next Bomb Designer, with an opportunity for one lucky designer to win a $10,000 grand prize! We received many entries and we’re proud to announce that we have narrowed down the finalists for the competition.

Competitors will be given the chance to present their own five-piece collection inspired by their favorite celebrities. The grand prize winner will be voted on by you, our Fashion Bomb readers, and announced at this year’s FABYs.

If you missed our Instagram live moments with each designer, you can learn more …

Modern Love: Auditioning for the Role of Boyfriend

“Like ‘Travels With Charley,’” he said, referencing the famous Steinbeck book that I owned but hadn’t read. He was focused squarely on me, undistracted and earnest in a way I hadn’t experienced since moving to New York from Atlanta four years earlier.

“Maybe it’ll be like that,” I said. “I haven’t read it though.”

“Where are you going?”

“Everywhere. I have friends all over and family in the South, and eventually I’ll get to the West Coast.”

“I’m from Arkansas,” he said. “If you go through Little Rock, you can stay with my mom.”

I thought he might genuinely mean …

The Importance of Anticipation

Welcome. We’re expecting a storm today, in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S., the sort of blanketing that for children growing up in colder climes has long brought anticipation of the most delicious sort: Will schools be closed? Will we spend a day inside in our pajamas? Surely there’ll be sledding, snowmen and snow angels. An unexpected departure from the norm, a disruption of the rhythms of the week.

Of course snow days weren’t all windswept delight for parents, for those who had to reckon with the icy streets and sidewalks, downed trees and stalled subways. And this year, the pandemic

A Deeper, Darker Look at James Beard, Food Oracle and Gay Man

Fifty years ago, this is how the foremost American food authority described his favorite menu for a holiday open house:

“I put out a big board of various slicing sausages — salami, Polish sausage, whatever I find in the market that looks good — and an assortment of mustards. I also like to have another board of cheeses: Swiss Gruyère, a fine Cheddar and maybe a Brie. And with the cheeses, I serve thinly sliced rye bread and crackers of some kind and a bowl of fruit.”

In other words: James Beard, who died in 1985 at age 81, was

Leave It in ‘Early Quar’?

As the United States braces for a long Covid winter, many people have been reflecting on the early spring, when the first wave of shutdowns transformed work, leisure and social life overnight.

Millions of Americans, stuck at home from mid-March through the spring, threw themselves into digital distractions and ancient hobbies, intermittently checking social media to see how everyone else was holding up. Today, memories of those first few months inspire a mix of visceral dread and jokey nostalgia for the collective experience of binge-watching “Tiger King” and hoarding cans of beans.

But most people seem to agree that the

Squirrel Tables Are the New Bird Feeders

Thelonious Munk sits down for an alfresco meal at a wooden table. He eagerly picks up a taco prepared with a walnut flour tortilla, which he sniffs before taking a few nibbles. He lingers for a bit after his meal before leaving. He scampers into a bush and through a tunnel — because he isn’t checking out the latest vegan restaurant, but is instead a wild chipmunk.

He lives in the writer Angela Hansberger’s yard outside of Atlanta where, like many backyard critters around the country, he’s been eating like a king at a squirrel table everyday since April.


How to Handle Bad Co-Workers of the Anti-Mask and Boyfriend Varieties

I have a problem, and it is me. I have always been opinionated, compulsively sharing unfiltered truths.

The problem comes in my various board and volunteer roles. I approach these meetings as though I’m trying to stick it to the man. In a meeting, I said, “Since it seems I’m the only person in the room who has closely read the budget, I want to say that this proposal will add a position at a time when our organization is in crisis and there is no plan to pay for

The Best Colognes For Winter Are a Hit of Woody, Spicy Warmth

The best winter colognes are worth giving a shot, because what soothes the senses in June is far different from what calms you in December.

Spring and summer scents are more fresh, floral, and fruity. As the weather drops, you’re gonna wanna swap in some wood and spice and shit like that. These cold-weather fragrances will warm you up—not literally but in a placebo kind of way. Same with anyone you might encounter. Look for ingredients like cedar, vetiver, amber, cinnamon, incense, and leather.

But don’t look too hard. We already did that for you. You’re certain to find a …

How We Passed the Time this Year

Welcome. My colleagues are looking back at the ways culture was upended in 2020, and their reflections are helping me make sense of a year that frequently seemed senseless. James Poniewozik put it best, I think, pointing out that this is the year “everything became TV”: We watched “I May Destroy You” on Netflix, and used the same screen to attend school, to take yoga classes, to commune over Thanksgiving dinner.

When you find yourself with time on screens this weekend, be sure to read Salamishah Tillet on culture’s reckoning with white privilege, and check out how Jesse Green learned

Love Letter: He Had Her at Sourdough

Many extroverts have gone to extreme measures for a social fix during the pandemic. Albertina Coacci, a self-proclaimed people person, turned to daily phone calls with strangers to pass the time while in lockdown in Italy. What started as a harmless habit soon led to an affair of sorts with a man who spoke her love language: baking.

found that the chemistry was lacking in person.

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Finding happiness during these uncertain times might be a tall order, but some of our readers shared how they’ve found new ways to experience and share …