As Jeff Bezos proved when he donned a cowboy hat for his first Blue Origin trip, hats are definitely the statement pieces of the moment — for good or ill.

And though his choice provoked a fair amount of mirth in the watching public, the right selection can protect you from the sun, hide bad hair days (or bald patches), and finish a silhouette like no other accessory.

To wit, the two hottest couture shows both featured hats: structured umbrella looks at Demna Gvasalia’s first Balenciaga couture outing, and ostrich feather jellyfish at Valentino. Even Pyer Moss’ disruptive show/ode to Black inventors contained a statement crystal-fringed lampshade toque. And milliner Stephen Jones is a key part of every Dior show (this time around, with trompe l’oeil tweed baseball-meets-jockey caps).

Plus, there were hats all over “Hamilton,” and hats that made numerous movies memorable, from the fedoras of “Indiana Jones” and “The Blues Brothers” to the Detroit Tigers cap of Doughboy from “Boyz n the Hood” and the giant Ascot topper of “My Fair Lady.”

Emily Post still offers certain guidelines for when and where to doff your hat — men should take off their hats in

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