Automatic watering systems consist of a method of providing water throughout the garden effortlessly, with a simple network of pipes and outlets hidden around the garden itself. There are several types of irrigation systems designed to water specific areas of the garden. These include pop-up irrigation systems for watering the lawn, micro spray jets and mini irrigation systems for large planted areas, and drip irrigation systems for precise watering of plants in borders and pots. We can then equip ourselves with the best irrigation system according to our needs.

Automatic watering systems
Automatic watering systems

Moreover, automatic irrigation systems not only reduce the amount of water used to keep plants healthy, but they can also take advantage of a free resource like rainwater and turn it into the main tool for the well-being of your garden. This means we can help the environment by recycling water that would have otherwise gone to waste, which in turn can help you further reduce the cost of your water bills. If you decide to use a water tank or rainwater collector, you will also need to use an irrigation pump to connect your system to. The pump will need to be carefully selected to meet the requirements of the irrigation system you choose to install. But, as this is a topic to be discussed in more detail in a dedicated venue, we recommend that you do not do this system yourself but seek advice from an experienced gardener or plumber.

Irrigation systems and possible solutions

It is well known that automatic irrigation systems are much more efficient for watering the garden than using a common hose. By using a drip irrigation system, you can achieve water savings of up to 80%.

Irrigation made easy. Here’s how you install irrigation system.

It doesn’t matter what size your garden is or what plants or flowers you decide to take care of. There are several different irrigation systems that can help you figure out which system is best for you. However, it’s not just size and crops that should be considered, but also maintenance and installation time.

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