Housework has always been difficult to divide. Now, perhaps, even more so. Over the last year, people around the world have done a ton of housework while sheltering in place. From nonstop dishwashing and toy gathering to caring for children in remote learning, it seems as if we are constantly cleaning up after ourselves, our roommates and our loved ones.

So the Modern Love Podcast team wants to know: What systems have you developed with your partner, roommates or family members to divvy up housework fairly? Do you flip a coin? Reverse traditional gender roles? Leave passive-aggressive notes? Or have you given up completely?

How do you define what’s fair? As this Primal Scream project showed, the load of domestic duties during the pandemic has fallen especially hard on working mothers.

Send us a voice memo or recording with your response to [email protected] Start by telling us your full name and where you live. We may use excerpts from your audio message in an episode of the Modern Love Podcast, which will be back for a new season this spring.

reader submission terms and agreeing that we may use and allow others to use your name, voice and message.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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