This April, Vox’s podcasts are teaming up to cover some of the most important issues threatening life on Earth. From sustainability to biodiversity to straight-up cool things about the natural world, we’ll focus on our planet and its limits in episodes throughout the month.

We’ll tell stories about how a kayak changed one life to the trouble with gas stoves to how rising temperatures will change what food we have available to eat. And, of course, we’ll dive deep into policy — including a Weeds palooza with four promising white papers on the details of how we can bring down greenhouse gas emissions.

Tune into Today, Explained, Vox Conversations, The Weeds, Unexplainable, Worldly, Future Perfect, Recode Daily, and Vox Quick Hits to hear new Earth Month episodes every week. Below, you’ll find a guide to what’s coming up. Want to share all of the shows with your friends? Simply point them to

Climate change

The Weeds: White-paper palooza | 4/13

It’s an all white paper episode, folks. Vox climate reporter Umair Irfan joins Matt and Dara to take on three research papers all concerning climate change: first, on the social costs of carbon; then on the disparate effects of temperature rise on a diverse array of geographic regions; finally, on global migration due to climate change.

Future Perfect: Engineering our way out of the climate crisis | 4/14

In an ideal world, cutting carbon emissions would be enough to stop global warming. But after dithering for decades, the world needs a back-up plan. Kelly Wanser is the leader of a group called SilverLining that works to promote research into what it calls “solar climate intervention.” Also called “solar

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