(CNN) — Road trips offer much of what the Covid-19 pandemic has stripped from us: adventure, freedom and spontaneity. Ever-changing global travel restrictions continue to impinge on our ability to explore the world freely.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t taste a bit of that road trip freedom while you wait for that next escape. The Drive & Listen web app offers quick getaways without the travel restrictions.

While websites like Virtual Vacation offer similar virtual driving tours, the Drive & Listen app’s unique features deliver the best imitation of the road travel experience.

It may even inspire you to take the drive yourself one day.

Designed in 2020 by Erkam Şeker, a student in Munich, the web app provides the perfect lunch break escape.

It puts you in the driver’s seat, letting you virtually travel through the streets of over 50 cities around the world while listening to local radio stations in real time and hearing street noises, both of which you can turn on and off.

You can change destinations at any time. Be in Tokyo one minute and Dublin the next. New destinations are regularly added — Recife, Brazil being the latest. Each is unique and captivating, offering an impressive array of tourist attractions.

After we took a tour of every city in the library, here are the 10 most enticing ones.

1. Yekaterinburg, Russia

Yekaterinburg: Winter wandering.

Yekaterinburg: Winter wandering.

Courtesy Drive and Listen/RussianPlus

Take a winter drive down the snowy lanes of Yekaterinburg, which lies east of the Ural Mountains in Russia. Temperatures reached an average low of minus 19°C (minus 2.2°F) last year.

Listen to songs by local artists on station Russkoye Radio, while driving past the Church on Blood, which was built on the site where the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas

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