Christopher Michael Repotski and Michael Sean McClenney have been traveling to Provincetown, Mass., for Labor Day every year since 2016. So, it made perfect sense for their wedding to be there, too, with tea dances and parasols included.

The couple, who now reside in Atlanta, met while in the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus. Mr. Repotski, 45, a project manager for the digital learning services company LEO Learning, joined the chorus in the fall of 2007, “wanting to get back to my first love, performing,” he said.

He made a big impression on Dr. McClenney, 46, the deputy chief of rehabilitation and chief of audiology and speech pathology at Atlanta VA Medical Center. “I remember meeting Christopher at one of his first rehearsals and wanting to know more about this smiling guy with the bright blue eyes,” said Dr. McClenney, who goes by the name Sean and received a doctorate in audiology from the University of Florida. “A few months later, we had our first date and I have not wanted to be without him in my life since.”

In 2017, the couple took a trip to San Francisco and the Napa Valley. After dinner at the Napa Valley restaurant Terra, which has since closed, Dr. McClenney walked Mr. Repotski up to the main street, deserted and aglow with streetlamps. When Mr. Repotski heard the sounds of their song, “Only Us” from the musical “Dear Evan Hansen,” he turned around to find Dr. McClenney down on one knee with the tune playing from his phone.