Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, having won primaries in several key states and racked up endorsements from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Barack Obama, among others.

Biden started the 2020 campaign as an early frontrunner; he placed first in a crowded field of Democrats in most early polls, then struggled in early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire. But a win in the more diverse state of South Carolina revived his campaign and gave him momentum going into Super Tuesday, where he won several states and racked up delegates. After competing for delegates with Sen. Bernie Sanders in primaries in the month of March, Biden became the presumptive nominee when Sanders dropped out of the race in early April.

The road ahead for Biden will be challenging. The nation is in the midst of dealing with a pandemic and facing a rapid and severe economic collapse and record unemployment. Some progressives who supported Sanders are feeling disillusioned, and Biden will have to convince them that he’s a suitable candidate for them.

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