Throughout the pandemic, clothes have been a useful measuring stick for our confidence, or lack thereof. It’s no surprise that in the dog days of the pandemic, sweatpants sales were through the roof. The New York Times reported last April that even as clothing sales overall plummeted 79%, sweatpants sales were up 80%. The rollout of vaccines is having the opposite effect on apparel sales. Customers’ cautious optimism seems to be reflected in the clothes they’re buying. All the jean stats are now pointing upwards: Levi’s expects revenues to grow by about a quarter in the first half of this year. At L.L. Bean, “pants with buttons and zippers have begun outselling those with drawstrings or elastic waistbands” over the past few weeks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles, May 01, 2021.Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

The good news is that pants didn’t remain in stasis during quarantine. You may have heard that skinny jeans are dead. The teens are saying it, and even the designer Mike Amiri, who made a killing on thigh-hugging jeans, unceremoniously dumped them last month. Not unlike folks who learned how to bake bread or became master yogis during quarantine, jeans, too, picked up a few new tricks.

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