The Democratic presidential primary is between two major days of voting right now — last week’s six-state extravaganza and March 17’s batch of four delegate-rich primaries — which means that it’s the Northern Mariana Islands’ time to shine.

The tiny US territory in the Pacific is holding its caucuses this Saturday, March 14, starting at 6 pm local time (4 am ET). There are six delegates at stake with two candidates — former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders — still in the running for the nomination.

Of the two, Biden is in the strongest position right now, following a string of wins on Super Tuesday and in the narratively important Michigan primary earlier this week.

While she’s mathematically far out of contention for the Democratic nomination, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is also still in the race, and she could be a factor on Saturday. She performed well in the last territory to weigh in on the primary (the American Samoa caucuses on Super Tuesday), though she fell short of a win.

In any case, the caucuses in the Northern Mariana Islands will be the last contest of the primary before the race turns to an 11th Democratic primary debate in Washington, DC, on Sunday. The six delegates on offer aren’t a big prize, especially at this point in the race, but with just two candidates still competing for the nomination, every delegate helps.

Vox will be covering the results of the Northern Mariana Islands caucuses live on Saturday, in partnership with Decision Desk.

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