On the day Kevin James LaBuz married Molly Elizabeth Corbett, the groom’s mother made a toast that flowed like a river — the Susquehanna River, to be exact.

“Kevin grew up as a boy near the head of the Susquehanna River in upstate New York, and he married a girl from Baltimore, where the Susquehanna led into the Chesapeake Bay,” Erica LaBuz told guests during the wedding reception. The couple married June 20 at the home of the bride’s family in Baltimore. John Philip Miller, a retired judge on the Maryland Circuit Court for Baltimore, officiated.

Ms. Corbett, 34, and Mr. LaBuz, 35, met through mutual friends in October 2014.

At the time, both were living in Manhattan and decided to meet for a first date at a restaurant there.

“It was supposed to be a get-together for just a quick drink,” said Mr. LaBuz, the head of investor relations of 1stDibs, an online marketplace for luxury design in Manhattan. “It ended up being three hours, and I had a job interview the next day at 8 or 9 a.m.”

He did not get the job, but he did get a second date.

Ms. Corbett, who works in Manhattan as a communications director at Everytown for Gun Safety, an advocacy organization, said she arrived five minutes late, “because I didn’t want to be the first one there.”

Her plan fell apart when she walked into the restaurant and realized that Mr. LaBuz appeared to have the same plan.

“I’m usually pretty punctual,” Mr. LaBuz said, laughing.

When Mr. LaBuz finally appeared, Ms. Corbett could not help but notice him. “I felt that he was a person who was

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