Soon after the face mask became an essential accessory, designers swept in with their own versions: masks made of silk, tweed and satin; decorated with fringe, bows and sequins; for daytime and nighttime; for weddings and political rallies.

When it became clear that we’d be wearing masks for a while, some added another element: a chain or lanyard for safekeeping (and extra flair).

“It’s a cool accessory piece that falls in with the other necklaces, but it’s also functional,” said Karen Perez, whose company Second Wind helped catalyze the trend with gold, silver, gunmetal and Lucite chains that hang from its hand-cut linen and silk masks.

Jennifer Lopez, Mindy Kaling, Elle Fanning and Busy Philipps have been spotted wearing them. (After losing several cloth masks, I’ve become a mask-chain enthusiast too; my favorite is made of plastic rainbow links and was clearly marketed toward children.)

her line of sunglasses chains to show that

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