Need a last-minute gift that’s both laziness- and supply chain-friendly? Look no further than your own things.

Yet another outgrowth of the pandemic reset, regifting is the perfect way to funnel your next purge in a way that benefits your friends and family. Have a clown sweater that may not be right for you? Chances are high that you know where its real spiritual home lies.

“If you had a good experience with an object, energetically it gives it a good feeling to the person you give it to,” said Angela Dimayuga, a chef and cookbook author, who shared her own gift idea below. The bonus? “Then you get to see it on your friend’s body or in your friend’s home.”

While regifting once seemed tacky, it’s being recast as a more thoughtful and sustainable way to shop. That said, it’s still early days: Whether or not you come clean about the upcycled object’s origin is up to you. As Patti Harrison, a comedian who also shared her idea below, said, “I won’t tell if you won’t ask.”

@blackforager (Instagram), @alexisnicole (TikTok)

“I have an amazing sweater that I lovingly call ‘the Clown Sweater,’ with different primary-colored pompoms all over it. It’s not serving me anymore, but I have another friend who, like me, loves the quirk and has made a comment about it before. Spoiler alert!”