NOTTINGHAM, England — Lizzie Wilson was standing in a crowded nightclub on Monday night with three friends when she felt a sharp pinch in her back, as if she had been pricked by a needle. Ten minutes later, she was struggling to stand.

Ms. Wilson, 18, said she had heard about young women being injected with syringes at crowded clubs and immediately feared she was another victim. Her friends rushed her to the hospital, where she spent hours disoriented and without sensation in her legs.

“Nobody should ever go through that,” said Ms. Wilson, a student in her first year of college in Nottingham in central England. “The most upsetting thing is, I could not control anything.”

For more than a year, Britain has witnessed a disturbing spate of violence against women. High-profile abductions and murders have stirred a national conversation, inspired vigils and protests, intensified scrutiny of police and prompted deeper exploration of the misogynistic culture often at the root of this violence.

Police in Scotland are looking into similar reports.

the police said in a statement, much like Ms. Wilson’s account.

Female students have

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