In the case of Maheshie Cabraal and Eli Bronner, opposites do attract.

He’s outspoken, while she prefers keeping the peace. He has always enjoyed a metropolitan lifestyle. She grew up in a small Midwestern town.

He’s Jewish. She’s Buddhist.

“Eli has all the confidence in the world, enough for both of us,” Ms. Cabraal said, laughing. “It really takes us places.”

Ms. Cabraal, 31, is a senior manager of sales enablement at Maven Clinic, a telehealth company for women and families. Mr. Bronner, 33, is an art dealer and gallery director at Dinner Gallery, also in Manhattan. The two began dating shortly after meeting in October 2014 at a mutual friend’s apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Ms. Cabraal had recently moved to Manhattan from Chicago, and was excited to explore the city — with Mr. Bronner as her tour guide.

“Eli is this really good-looking guy who is very funny on the surface,” said Ms. Cabraal, who graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “But beneath the surface he took my life very seriously. He showed a great interest in all the things I was dealing with in my life.”

Mr. Bronner, who graduated from Wesleyan University, returned the same respect and admiration. “She’s the strongest, confident, most successful woman I’ve ever dated,” he said. “She brought to my life a new level of curiousness in terms of who she was as a regular person and the kind of career-woman she was, and I liked that. It sort of kept me standing up straight.”