Concrete planter pots

Concrete is heavy and this makes concrete pots a good choice for containing trees or large plants that need more support for them to stay “contained.” Pots made from concrete also have good properties for insulation and keep the tender root systems protected through maintaining a more comfortable soil environment.

How to Make a Large Concrete Planter

If you are planting in a public or exposed area, concrete also offers the added benefit of discouraging people from accidentally walking over your precious pots or plants. You can leave concrete planters outside during winter months without any harm and this is good news since you probably wouldn’t be willing to bother with moving them.

Plastic planter pots

In case you are not worried about the appearance of the container or you got some plants that can soon cover the pots where they are planted in, your best choice would be plastic planter pots. Plastic pots are durable, relatively affordable, and retain moisture well. These pots are also notably lightweight that make them a great option if you have the habit of rearranging your gardens every now and then.  

Plastic planter pots
Plastic planter pots

Just make sure you avoid using dark colored or black plastic pots (see more at Miravila web store) if your garden is located in an area that tends to be very sunny. These colors tend to absorb heat and can get extremely hot that might end up damaging the tender roots of your plants. On the other hand, light colored containers can reflect heat while keeping the roots cool. 

Terracotta planter pots

Terracotta pots are available in a plethora of sizes and shapes. They can look great and blend well almost anywhere. Thanks to their earthy color, they can also boost the natural beauty of almost all types of plants. These planters are made of iron-rich porous clay with the ability to breathe to keep the potting soils cool and wick away excess moisture from the plant roots to keep them healthy. 

However, one key issue about terracotta pots is that they are quite fragile and can also dry out fast, particularly when placed in sunny spots. This is why there are growers that use glazed terracotta pots since these are better in holding more water.

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