Aaron Jay Ledesma knew that Timothy-Keith Schau Earley would one day be his husband on their fourth date.

Mr. Earley, who goes by Tim, had cooked for Mr. Ledesma for the first time that evening, in June 2015, serving one of his specialties, shepherd’s pie. After dinner, the two snuggled on the couch with Mr. Earley’s mixed-breed dog, Sullivan, and shared their first kiss.

“I felt the safest I’d ever felt, and the most comfortable,” Mr. Ledesma said. “I knew it was exactly what I wanted my life to be.”

The couple met earlier that month on the dating app Tinder. On their first date, at the Hill Café, in Richmond, Va., where the two live, they spoke a lot about their families and bonded over the fact that “we’re both grandma’s boys,” said Mr. Ledesma, who considered his late maternal grandmother, Lorraine MacDougall, known in the family as Glamma Sandy, his best friend.

This resonated with Mr. Earley; as a teenager, he helped his parents care for his maternal grandmother Anita Schau, known as Grandma Neets, before she died in 2007. So formative was that experience that it influenced his decision to pursue nursing as a career.

That night, they sat on a Libby Hill Park bench and talked for another two hours. Mr. Earley said he envisioned marriage and children in his future. It was a vision that Mr. Ledesma shared.

“We were on exactly the same page,” said Mr. Ledesma. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve known I wanted to be a dad. It’s my life’s purpose.”

On their second date, at the Barker Field dog park in Richmond, Mr. Ledesma’s redbone coonhound, Sami, met

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