Name: Lia Bartha

Age: 38

Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii

Currently Lives: A townhouse in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn with her husband, the actor Justin Bartha, two young daughters and a French bulldog.

Claim to Fame: Ms. Bartha is a trainer to the stars, helping celebs like Ashley Tisdale, Taye Diggs and Mr. Bartha (one of the stars of “The Hangover” film comedy franchise) achieve those six-packs. Ms. Bartha’s technique, which she calls B the Method, mostly uses one’s own body weight for low-impact exercises. “It gives you strength, mobility and a meditative state,” she said. “It’s like ASMR.”

Big Break: When the pandemic hit, Ms. Bartha switched from in-person classes to Instagram Live. Instead of limiting her reach, the move helped her workouts take off. Her classes went from a few hundred in-person students in SoHo to tens of thousands of people virtually worldwide. “I knew I needed to keep people moving and mentally sane,” she said. She now has 3,500 subscribers who pay $160 a year to view her workouts through her B the Method website and app. She also offers free classes and tips on her Instagram.

Latest Project: To connect with her students between classes, Ms. Bartha started a monthly newsletter that provides tips, recipes and inspiration. “I get pretty open and personal,” she said. “In last month’s newsletter, I talked about using a vibrator to de-stress. There was also talk of weed. I am not trying to pretend

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