When the car mats are already too light and thin, these will end up slipping around. This can be very annoying since you need to adjust it again back to its original place or position. 

Slippery car mats may pose some danger to the driver since these might obstruct the accelerator, brake, or clutch once the car mat has slipped under the pedals when driving. This is why it is highly recommended to replace dangerous worn out car mats sooner than later.

There are Funny Odors Inside the Vehicle

Is there a funky smell every time you step inside your car? Well, those odors might actually be coming from your car mats. Similar to how a regular car wash can keep your vehicle shiny and clean, your car mat also deserves the same pampering and treatment. 

Car rubber mat
Are there any strange odors in the car? Maybe the car rubber mat is also to blame.

But, if the mats still smell a bit funny even after washing them, perhaps, it might be time for you to consider getting a new set of size-accurate car rubber mat. The last thing you want is to be embarrassed if someone notices the funny smell inside your car. 

The Car Mats are Already Worn Out

The presence of holes in your car mats will not just affect their aesthetics as this may also pose a hazard, with a potential of creating havoc during a ride. For women who love to wear heels, this is especially risky since the heel’s tip may get trapped and this can distract the attention of the driver.

How to restore car rubber mats

Being able to reach the pedals fast when driving is also crucial to ensure a safe ride. This is why you need to replace the car mats once they get worn out with new one from Withcar web store

Presence of Mold 

Mold is among the major health concerns that stem from worn out and old car mats. Mold tends to release spores to the air that can travel to your lungs every time you breathe. These spores can trigger sneezing, nasal congestion, wheezing, cough, and other respiratory infections. 

Mold can also worsen more severe conditions like allergies and asthma. Thus, it is recommended that you replace car mats as soon as possible, especially when you or some members of your family are suffering from poor health. 

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