For much of this summer, Dylan Fogarty, 28, the director of academic partnerships for an education start-up, has been having a blast in Fire Island Pines: hosting pool parties at his four-bedroom house, making new friends at the Low Tea bar, and dancing at the Pavilion club till dawn to pop songs by Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa.

But when he got off the ferry two weeks ago, he saw something he hadn’t seen for almost two months: a coronavirus testing site.

That wasn’t the only thing that changed. Some people were wearing masks on the boardwalk again, hosts were asking guests if they had been vaccinated, and the bouncers at clubs and bars were once again screening for vaccination cards at the door.

“It’s because of the Delta variant,” Mr. Fogarty said. “All it takes is for one person in one room, and it spreads. I am always happy to show my proof of vaccination, and I’m glad a lot of places did it last weekend.”

scaled back his 60th birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard.

Clubs and party hosts are being cautious, checking for vaccine cards at the door even before many local governments are requiring them to do so.

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