For many people, the monotony of the last 160-plus days has depleted just about everything. You aren’t alone if you barely recognize yourself, let alone your partner and the special qualities that attracted you to him or her in the first place. Stress and worries over health or financial hardship might have increased, and romance and excitement in your daily life may have disappeared.

“Newness, curiosity and diversions are things we don’t have right now,” said Kathryn Smerling, a couples therapist in New York City. “During Covid, couples have become lazy. They’re required to do a lot of things but not be creative with each other. Because we are so limited, couples have not made enough time to reconnect.”

Rebooting your romance and reigniting that spark are more important than you think, especially now. One way to reconnect with your partner is to revisit your first date. This may sound silly, but the payoff is surprisingly rewarding. “It gives you the opportunity to bond in a way you haven’t been able to in a long time while re-establishing the excitement of your relationship,” Dr. Smerling said.

Below are several suggestions to help you turn back the relationship clock and relive your first date.

Sit down with your partner and make a list of 10 details you loved most about your first date. Perhaps it was how he ordered food, or the way her perfume smelled, or the sound of laughter that attracted you.

“It can be both revealing and significantly touching to the other person to know what someone has remembered about them,” said Melody Li, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Austin, Texas. “The key

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