For decades, certain corners of the city were so smoothed by money they seemed off-limits to those just starting out as adults. But for one brief shining moment, it all belongs to the young.

Walking around Lower Manhattan on a recent weeknight, a middle-aged, slightly graying man wasn’t sure if it was he who had changed or New York. True, he hadn’t been out much lately … but something was different.

He walked from SoHo to NoLIta along Prince Street, then turned down Mulberry. That’s where it hit him: Everyone on the street seemed to be young, like a scene from the sci-fi movie “Logan’s Run.”

Their reign over the city is just getting started. Sofia Pace, a 21-year-old student at Baruch College who grew up in the East Village, mentioned in a phone interview a meme she saw recently on Instagram. It said: “This summer in New York is going in the Bible.”

“That’s the best way that I can describe how people my age are looking at it, that it’s going in the Bible,” Ms. Pace said. “The energy level could not be higher going into the summer months.”

Eric Emanuel, a streetwear brand that opened its first store in April in SoHo. And she’s busy making plans with friends, many of whom have

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