Ms. Ross The truth is that we are all a product of our lived experiences, and you want to feel seen and heard in what you spend your money on as well as have a sense of selfhood. My experience as a C.E.O. with Pattern was that there’s so much data left off the table. And there was a demographic and a vast community and a consumer that was not being tracked appropriately. And so there was no way to actually buy appropriately because there was no data to confirm that these were people who were going to shop. We have to make a conscious effort to look into the consumers and really find out where the gaps are so that they feel seen and heard.

Ms. Wintour The more open and honest and direct you can be, taking responsibility for mistakes that you’ve made and how you intend to improve in the future, is part of the process we’ve all been going. I also feel the Zoom has brought us all together in a different, very humane way, a very open way. That’s the most important thing to me, that we don’t close the door on this time.

Ms. Ross The doors should not be closed. And that is part of a lot of my work with DEI. I always remind people it’s not just diversity and inclusion. It’s diversity, equity and inclusion. And the equity part of it is where fundamental change can occur. It’s how do we change the pipeline? How do we change the access? How do we open those doors and create a space where all of us can be around the table or other tables can be built because the ones that

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