The Democratic presidential primary has been going on for months. But 2020 — the election year — is finally here, and it’s an understatement to say that it will be a busy year in US politics.

February brought the first four early-state Democratic caucuses and primaries, starting in Iowa on February 3 and continuing through New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. March began with Super Tuesday on March 3: the single biggest delegate prize of the primary calendar. As the year continues, the primary will run through June, followed by the Democratic and Republican conventions (in July and August, respectively), and finally Election Day itself: November 3.

That’s where this calendar comes in. Here are the most important events of the 2020 election cycle. Bookmark this page to refer back to, add it to your Google Calendar by clicking the plus sign on the bottom right of this page, or subscribe through a calendar app of your choice. This page and the calendar subscriptions will be updated if dates change or new debates are announced.

March 2020

March 15 (Sunday)

March 17 (Tuesday)

  • Arizona primary (D)
  • Florida primaries (D, R)
  • Illinois primaries (D, R)
  • Northern Marianas convention (R)
  • Ohio primaries (D, R)

March 24 (Tuesday)

  • American Samoa caucuses (R)

March 29 (Sunday)

  • Puerto Rico primary (D)

April 2020

April 3-5 (Friday-Sunday)

  • North Dakota state convention (R)

April 4 (Saturday)

  • Alaska primary (D)
  • Hawaii primary (D)
  • Wyoming caucuses (D)

April 7 (Tuesday)

  • Wisconsin primaries (D, R)

April 28 (Tuesday)

  • Connecticut primaries (D, R)
  • Delaware primaries (D, R)
  • Maryland primaries (D, R)
  • New York primary (D)
  • Pennsylvania primaries (D, R)
  • Rhode Island primaries (D, R)

May 2020

May 2 (Saturday)

  • Kansas primary (D)
  • Guam caucuses (D)

May 5 (Tuesday)

  • Indiana primaries (D, R)

May 7-9 (Thursday-Saturday)

  • Wyoming state convention (R)

May 12 (Tuesday)

  • Nebraska primaries (D, R)
  • West Virginia primaries (D, R)

May 19 (Tuesday)

  • Georgia primaries (D, R)
  • Kentucky primaries (D, R)
  • Oregon primaries (D, R)

June 2020

June 2 (Tuesday)

  • District of Columbia primaries (D, R)
  • Montana primaries (D, R)
  • New Jersey primaries (D, R)
  • New Mexico primaries (D, R)
  • South Dakota primaries (D, R)

June 6 (Saturday)

  • Virgin Islands caucuses (D)

June 7 (Sunday)

  • Puerto Rico primary (R)

June 20 (Saturday)

  • Louisiana primaries (D, R)

July 2020

July 13-16 (Monday-Thursday)

  • Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee

August 2020

August 24-27 (Monday-Thursday)

  • Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina

September 2020

September 29

  • First presidential debate, University of Notre Dame

October 2020

October 7

  • Vice presidential debate, University of Utah

October 15

  • Second presidential debate, University of Michigan

October 22

  • Third presidential debate, Belmont University

November 2020

November 3

  • Election Day

June 2019

June 26 (Wednesday) and 27 (Thursday)

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July 2019

July 30 (Tuesday) and 31 (Wednesday)

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September 2019

September 4 (Wednesday)

September 12 (Thursday)

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September 19 (Thursday) and 20 (Friday)

October 2019

October 15 (Tuesday)

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November 2019

November 20 (Wednesday)

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December 2019

December 19 (Thursday)

Read all of our coverage from the December debate here.

January 2020

January 14 (Tuesday)

February 2020

February 3 (Monday)

  • Iowa caucuses (D, R)

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February 7 (Friday)

February 11 (Tuesday)

  • New Hampshire primaries (D, R)

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February 19 (Wednesday)

February 22 (Saturday)

  • Nevada caucuses (D)

February 25 (Tuesday)

February 29 (Saturday)

  • South Carolina primary (D)

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March 2020

March 3 (Super Tuesday)

  • Alabama primaries (D, R)
  • American Samoa caucuses (D)
  • Arkansas primaries (D, R)
  • California primaries (D, R)
  • Colorado primaries (D, R)
  • Maine primaries (D, R)
  • Massachusetts primaries (D, R)
  • Minnesota primaries (D, R)
  • North Carolina primaries (D, R)
  • Oklahoma primaries (D, R)
  • Tennessee primaries (D, R)
  • Texas primaries (D, R)
  • Utah primaries (D, R)
  • Vermont primaries (D, R)
  • Virginia primary (D)
  • Democrats Abroad primary (through March 10)

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March 10 (Tuesday)

  • Idaho primaries (D, R)
  • Michigan primaries (D, R)
  • Mississippi primaries (D, R)
  • Missouri primaries (D, R)
  • North Dakota caucuses (D)
  • Washington primaries (D, R)

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March 12 (Thursday)

  • Virgin Islands caucuses (R)

March 14 (Saturday)

  • Guam caucuses (R)
  • Northern Marianas convention (D)

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