In an ideal world, Mira Mariah would always be celebrating.

“I so deeply love parties, and I love how much of parties are about girl culture,” she said in a video interview. “That’s something I love to study, and love to be a part of, and love to talk about, and love to make art about.”

The 28-year-old, who tattoos as @girlknewyork at the Fleur Noire tattoo parlor in Brooklyn, designs art for people who, like herself, want to adorn themselves with symbols of indulgent days and effervescent nights. As proclaimed in her Instagram bio, this makes her not only a tattoo artist but a “girl culture expert.”

Her illustrations are inspired by a world where drunk strangers forge friendships in the bathroom and serendipitous celebrations compel people to pop the bottle of Champagne that’s been sitting in the back of their fridges.

“I’m naturally interested in helping people look cool and feel like they look cool,” she said in one of our interviews late last month, “so I wanted to find different ways to get people from Point A to Point B.”

Interviews are conducted by email, text and phone, then condensed and edited.

7:30 a.m. I usually take Sundays and Mondays off, so Tuesdays are the beginning of my workweek. I wake up, make breakfast and grab some cold brew from the fridge. I walk my dogs — a Pomeranian named Sulei and a Chihuahua named Chi Chi. I do some light yoga and get dressed.

11 a.m. I arrive at 250 Broome

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