“The bezels are the really distinctive thing about the three watches,” Carlson said. “I wanted this capsule to be understated, subtle—but also fun.” No piece is having a better time than the multicolored-bezel piece that Carlson describes as a tribute to the ’90s. It’s not hard to imagine this color-blocked pattern appearing somewhere in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but the ring of colors isn’t all that different from designs on old yacht-timer watches, either, leaning directly into Rowing Blazers’ Big Cape Cod Energy. (This is also the only non-limited piece of the collection.)

The other two watches, each limited to only 500 pieces, take cues directly from either distinct Seiko or Rowing Blazers patterns. The checkerboard-bezel “Rally Diver” is inspired by a vintage Seiko of the same name. Now, the watch is reborn with a marginally more sober round case and crisp black-and-white pattern. The watch with the zig-zagging bezel, meanwhile, is all Carlson: The pattern is a signature Rowing Blazers vibe.

The Artillery Zig-Zag

In addition to the standard metal bracelets, the watches also come with fabric NATO straps in bold colors, like mint green and rainbow. The watch also has a skeletonized caseback. No, not like that—I mean, literally, there is a skeleton hunched over, resting its head against its bony hand, etched onto the back of the watch. The drawing is another Rowing Blazers motif and is fittingly included as a memento mori—a constant reminder we’re always running out of

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