Saturday, April 4, 2020

Travel and tourism

World Travel- Travelling the Planet Earth

Another revolution impacted the world travel tremendously by making advances to the modes of transportation. The Industrial Revolution totally changed the outlook of the Travelling history.  For about 200 years the world travels were the privilege of the wealthy. However, the industry developed and the possibility of domestic and international tours raised for the ones who stood low on the social ladder. In the modern world, there is huge tourism across the globe. The Motives of the World Travel Transportation means are...

Ready to go Julian Alps hiking with us?

While visiting Slovenia, you just must experience a bit of Julian Alps hiking. You can see Mt. Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain from afar, and it is majestic. However, Julian Alps offer so much more than just this one remarkable mountain. When you go Julian Alps hiking with Altitude activities, we will make sure to show you some of the hidden areas that will blow you away. We offer several different tours that are adjusted to your fitness level, some are even family friendly and your kids can join you. And some are a bit extreme.

Best Camping Essentials Available on Online Camping Shops

1. Camp Stove Windshield  While scrolling down an online camping shop I came across this very useful tool for camping.  such windshields can protect the camp stoves even in very strong winds. 2. Hammocks Remember to get one or two-person hammocks to sleep under the stars. This will take a very little room in your backpack but will add a real romance in your camping experience. 3. Folding Camping Chair Online camping equipment: Folding Camping Chair

Camping Tents

You could seek all this good input for just your own benefit, but it’s all the better when shared with the significant others in your life.  Tent campers give all sorts of reasons why they like outdoor living. It’s a return to a simpler life or a simple change of pace. It’s a challenge of self-sufficiency, or a get-together with friends. Some try to define it in more cerebral terms, like filling the voids in life with beauty or serenity, freedom...

Canyoning Bohinj, a fun activity near your holiday destination

Do you want to experience canyoning, but do not want to drive too far from Bled? We, at Altitude activities, are offering you fun and adventurous experience just a few minutes’ drive away from Bled. We will meet in front of our office at Ljubljanska cesta 1, Bled and drive along beautiful Lake Bled, passed the former residence of Yugoslav president Josip Broz- Tito, towards the Bohinj valley. Pay attention to a protruding rock on the slopes of Jelovica Mountain, the so-called Babji zob (an Old Hag’s Tooth)! In just a few minutes, we will arrive to...