And the Winner Is…

The guy with a taste for loafers and fine luggage: Tyler, The Creator! GQ’s readers, voting on Instagram, pushed Tyler over the top in a battle with A$AP Rocky—nobody’s idea of a pushover in a fit battle. But that’s just the kind of year Tyler had. He dropped a great new album—and then rocked an impossible-to-find Cartier Crash in one of his videos. Hell, he went ahead and put together a crazy collection of Cartier watches while no one was looking! But he also made room for the right $15 T-shirt, and displayed the sort of know-thyself personal style that we love. And then he capped the year off by dropping all manner of grown-up heat at his Golf le Fleur pop-up. All of which is to say: the guy had an insanely stylish year. We’d be hard-pressed to think of a more deserving winner. We’ll see you in 2022.

The Finals, 12/16

Now there’s the upset we were looking for! Despite rampaging through the first three rounds—and despite having proven his ability to make it to the finish line, with a second-place finish last year—Timothée Chalamet’s run has come to an end. The guy on the other end of the contest? Tyler, The Creator, fresh off a wildly cool rejuvenation of his Golf le Fleur brand complete with a Spongebob-meets-Flintstones-meets-Jetsons house in Malibu. Don’t get us wrong, though—this wasn’t a blowout. Far from it: Tyler squeaked by with just over 100 votes to spare. On the

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