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Trump vs. Macron

  • As the 70th anniversary of NATO began this week, a spat between President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron set an unpleasant tone for the celebration. [New York Times / Katie Rogers and Annie Karni]
  • During an interview with the Economist magazine last week, Macron lamented the “brain death” of NATO due to America’s unwillingness to work with its allies. In response, Trump called Macron’s comments “nasty” and “disrespectful” during a press conference with NATO’s secretary general. [Washington Post / Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker, and Michael Birnbaum]
  • Trump even claimed to be a great champion of the alliance — despite his threats about potentially leaving NATO if partners don’t pay up. [Vox / Alex Ward]
  • Curious about how much each member spends on NATO? Here’s a graph of all the member’s contributions as a percent of their total GDP. [CNBC / Amanda Macias and Nate Rattner]
  • Macron refused to recant his statements. [CNN / Maegan Vazquez and Allie Malloy]
  • While the riff made headlines, Trump-centered worries are not the only ones plaguing the alliance. Division and disagreements between the member states also greatly threaten the effectiveness of NATO. [NBC News / Alexander Smith]
  • Here’s a breakdown of the factions among the 29 member countries — sorted by disagreements on China, Russia, terrorism, and more. [Politico / Ryan Heath]

Protests in India demand justice for killed rape victim

  • New Delhi, Mumbai, and several other Indian cities saw crowds take to the streets to call for justice in the case of a young woman raped and murdered last week. [AP / Sheikh Saaliq]
  • Police believe that four men deflated the tires of a 27-year-old veterinarian, pretending to offer her assistance before raping and murdering her. Her body was found burned in a wooded area the next day. The four men have been arrested, having made full confessions. [NPR / Lauren Frayer]
  • Violence against women has received increased attention in India since 2012, after a brutal gang-rape and murder of a woman on a bus in New Delhi. Subsequent protests and outrage have resulted in several legislations to protect women. [Bloomberg]
  • Some women say that city safety measures won’t be enough, that there needs to be larger reform in attitudes about women in India. “We have got used to fear. Let’s fix attitudes instead of trying to blame cities,” said Samyukta, a local woman. [BBC]


  • As evident in his resurgence in pop culture, Mister Rogers is still teaching us about how to get along— even across generations. [Vulture / Jen Chaney]
  • Despite Trump granting states the mandate to ban refugees, one historically conservative state is asking for more of them. [Washington Post / Griff Witte]
  • “Horrified and ashamed”: A woman says she was forced to sleep with British Prince Andrew while on a business trip with her boss Jeffrey Epstein. [CBS News]
  • Alex Ward shines some light on the most important American foreign policy officials you’ve never heard of: Brian Hook. [Vox / Alex Ward]
  • Internet sensation Lil Bub died Sunday, and we still haven’t gotten over it. [BuzzFeed News / Julia Reinstein]


“What the Chinese government is doing should be a warning to everybody who kind of goes along happily thinking, ‘How could anyone be worried about these technologies?’” [Pilar Ossorio, a professor of law and bioethics at the University of Wisconsin Madison on China’s use of DNA in mapping faces and discriminating against Uighurs]

Watch this: The trick that made animation realistic

An invention that combined real motion with drawings changed animation forever. [YouTube / Phil Edwards]

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