Christian Hendry said that Wynne Hamerman was a “social butterfly,” when they met at the University of Connecticut at the start of their sophomore years in September 2009.

Mr. Hendry, by his own admission, was the polar opposite. “When Wynne came into my life, I was a quiet and standoffish person, I never opened up to anyone,” said Mr. Hendry, 30, a brand creative manager for Nike in New York.

“Wynne taught me what it means to really care about people,” he added. “She always puts other people before herself, and proves over and over again that there is always enough time to make that extra phone call for a friend, or to go that extra mile.”

Ms. Hamerman, also 30, described Mr. Hendry as “a level-headed person who didn’t come with any judgment. He’s drama-free, which I love, and now approaches every situation with an open mind.”

Ms. Hamerman, a New-York-based freelance creative account manager and photographer who provides photo shoots and videos for retail companies, said that she has also learned much from Mr. Hendry during the nearly dozen years they have been together.

“He has taught me how to be patient,” she said. “Not only is he patient, but he is very hard-working and very funny and also a very good listener — just a good guy over all.”

After graduating from the University of Connecticut, they continued dating in the ensuing years and got engaged Oct. 19, 2019.

“Like any other couple, we had been through a lot together, before we got engaged,” Ms. Hamerman said. “But for the most part, our relationship has always been easy and fun, and most importantly, we have always been

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