Proper care of your new tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to express your personal style to the world, but proper care is required to keep it shiny and looking great in years to come. This is especially true right after you get a tattoo – the area of tattooed skin might be red and sore for a while. Because your body just received a dose of ink under its skin, it needs time to adjust to the changes, and with the use of tattoo creams, we can speed up our recovery.

Freshly tattooed skin is open to scarring and even infections. Tattoo creams can sooth …

Bernie Sanders is running for president again. This time, he’s a frontrunner.

Sen. Bernie Sanders caught the establishment Democratic Party off guard three years ago; few anticipated the strength of his candidacy and message.

Things have changed. Sanders announced on Tuesday he is running for president again — but this time, he’s not the underdog. This time, he is a frontrunner who, despite coming in second in 2016, has fundamentally altered the Democratic Party.

Sanders, now 77 years old, is the most popular senator among constituents in America and consistently ranks among the top potential 2020 candidates in early polls. That said, he’s joining a packed field, including progressive firebrands like Sen. …

16 states sue the Trump administration over national emergency declaration

Sixteen states, including California, New York, and Michigan, are suing over Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency to obtain funding for a border wall.

The suit against the Trump administration is the latest one the White House faces over the president’s announcement. The ACLU as well as the nonpartisan nonprofit Protect Democracy have also said they’ll pursue lawsuits against the Trump administration.

The states’ lawsuit, much like the others, argues that the Trump administration is bypassing Congress’s constitutional authority over federal funding and hurting states in the process.

“If the President is essentially stealing money that’s been allocated to …

Vox Sentences: The pope will listen to survivors

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The Vatican prepares to talk about the sexual abuse of minors; Australia is hit with a cyberattack.

“The Protection of Minors in the Church”

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
  • The Vatican prepared Monday for a Thursday meeting called “The Protection of Minors in the Church,” which will address the long and destructive history of sexual abuse of children by officials of the church. Pope Francis