These immigrants contribute $4.6 billion in taxes. Trump’s trying to strip their legal status.

Immigrants with temporary legal status — whom President Donald Trump is trying to deport — want Americans to know that they pay billions of dollars in taxes to the IRS every year.

To be more precise, they pay about $4.6 billion in federal, state, and local taxes each year, according to a new report from researchers at the University of Southern California, the left-leaning Center for American Progress, and the National TPS Alliance, which advocates on behalf of immigrants with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). These families, most of whom are from Central America, also spend about $1.5 billion each year …

Vox Sentences: One man, 39 measles cases

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A single traveler unknowingly spreads measles in Michigan; the death of an ISIS-affiliated group’s leader is confirmed in the Philippines.

Michigan’s “patient zero”

UIG via Getty Images
  • The measles outbreak is now rapidly spreading beyond New York, where it was most concentrated. State officials have now identified the cause of 39 cases in Michigan: a single traveler. [Washington Post / Lena H.