Bernie Sanders escalates the war on tech and calls out Apple’s “hypocrisy” on housing

Sen. Bernie Sanders is expanding the Democratic Party’s war on Big Tech to a new frontier, calling out Apple’s impact on the housing sector as the company tries to promote a new affordable housing initiative.

The debate between Democrats running for president has mostly focused so far on data collection, privacy, content moderation, and corporate market power. But Sanders on Monday tied critiques about tax evasion to a new, ballyhooed commitment by Apple to spend $2.5 billion — “pennies,” in Sanders’s view — on expanding affordable housing in the Bay Area.

“Apple’s announcement that it is entering the real …

The firing of McDonald’s CEO won’t solve the chain’s sexual harassment problem

The CEO of McDonald’s was booted from the company Friday after the board of directors discovered that he had a consensual romantic relationship with an employee.

Stephen Easterbrook, who has been the top executive at McDonald’s since 2015, stepped down for his “poor judgment” in violating the company’s code of conduct, according to an SEC filing. The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, with few details about the relationship.

Easterbrook’s separation agreement shows that he will get about 6.5 months of severance (his base salary is $1.5 million). As part of the deal, Easterbrook …

The Popeyes fried chicken sandwich is back after a 2-month shortage

Popeye’s spicy fried chicken sandwich is back, and the hype around its highly anticipated return has not died down. The sandwich, which is currently available in 150 nationwide locations, made its comeback on November 3 (which is apparently National Sandwich Day), more than two months after Popeyes officially declared a shortage on August 27.

Demand for the sandwich is high. On social media, some customers reported waiting over an hour for their order. Those who ordered on Popeye’s mobile app managed to skip the in-store wait, making the process much faster.

It appears that the returning date — a Sunday …

Is Watchmen too confounding for its own good?

Every TV show has one episode where its core audience goes all-in, where the show goes from merely “promising” to one that fans will watch every episode of, if only for a few seasons.

That episode will differ for every single audience member, but I (Vox critic at large Emily VanDerWerff) am totally unsurprised that “She Was Killed By Space Junk” is the episode where so many of my fellow TV critic pals, regardless of whether they’ve read the comics the series is based on or not, went from guardedly optimistic about Watchmen to all in on Watchmen. After …