Trump’s big veterans health care plan has hit a snag

The problem of narrow networks has hindered President Trump’s signature veterans health care program.

The New York Times’s Jennifer Steinhauer had a great story last week on this unexpected hitch for the Mission Act, which Trump regularly touts at his rallies as a major accomplishment for his administration. It appears the news of the problems with implementing the new law was met with great shock by Capitol Hill staff and lawmakers, who may now need to allocate tens of millions more dollars to fix the problem.

The Mission Act was, at its core, pretty simple: Veterans who had to travel …

Clean energy technologies threaten to overwhelm the grid. Here’s how it can adapt.

This piece was originally published in November 2018.

The US power grid is, by some estimates, the largest machine in the world, a continent-spanning wonder of the modern age. And despite its occasional well-publicized failures, it is remarkably reliable, delivering energy to almost every American, almost every second of every day.

This is an especially remarkable accomplishment given that, until very recently, almost none of that power could be stored. It all has to be generated, sent over miles of wires, and delivered to end users at the exact second they need it, in a perfectly synchronized dance.

Given …

Watchmen expands ever further in an episode that introduces even more new characters

There’s all over the place, and then there’s Watchmen’s fourth episode, “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own,” which is all over the place. That’s probably a compliment coming from me (Vox critic at large Emily VanDerWerff), but the first time I watched this episode, I definitely wondered if the show had any idea where it was going, especially after the relatively contained and controlled narrative of episode three.

“If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own” doesn’t just start with something out of the ordinary — it starts with yet another new, incredibly …