Wonder Woman 1984’s first trailer teases the triumphant return of Gal Gadot — and the 1980s

It’s time for wonder again: The first trailer for next year’s Wonder Woman 1984 has dropped.

The trailer features Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince telling us that everyone, including Wonder Woman herself, has some secrets. Set in the 1980s, it’s now 40 years since Wonder Woman’s adventures in her first film, and everything is glitzy, golden, and perfect.

Enter Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) a man of many promises who might be connected to Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pine) mysterious return. Also in the mix is Barbara Minerva, who seems to be Diana’s good friend, but who will later turn out to be …

Hong Kong demonstrators see a massive turnout on the six month anniversary of protests

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators filled the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday in one of the biggest displays of public protest the semi-autonomous territory has seen in months.

The size of the crowd suggested that the landslide victory of pro-democracy candidates in local elections two weeks ago has not satisfied the public’s concern about the territory’s pro-China leadership and lack of political autonomy.

Sunday’s action effectively took place on the six-month anniversary of the public protest that launched the current pro-democracy movement: a demonstration held in response to a controversial extradition bill, which would have allowed a person …

Trump isn’t allowed at NATO’s cool kids’ table in SNL’s cold open

During last week’s NATO summit in London, footage of a group of world leaders — including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson — huddled together mocking President Donald Trump for the way he handles press briefings went viral.

Saturday Night Live parodied that clip in its opening sketch, turning the summit into a high school cafeteria popularity contest, in which Trudeau and Macron are “bad boys” who relentlessly bully Trump, and Johnson is depicted as an awkward social climber who wants desperately to be accepted by the Canadian and French leaders.…