Poll: Amy Klobuchar made the biggest gains with voters at the debate

If you thought Sen. Amy Klobuchar performed better than usual at last night’s Democratic debate, you’re not the only one.

A FiveThirtyEight/Ipsos poll of likely Democratic primary voters before and after Thursday’s presidential primary debate in Los Angeles found that the Minnesota senator saw the biggest boost, while one of her main targets, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, took a hit to his reputation as a star debater.

That’s not particularly surprising: As Vox’s Dylan Matthews and company noted, Klobuchar appeared more nimble and confident in her responses on Thursday evening compared with previous debates, and she landed …

Simple changes to Amazon’s Ring could protect users from hacks

In the wake of news last week that a hacker was able to watch and communicate with an 8-year-old girl in Mississippi by using an Amazon Ring camera her parents had installed in her bedroom, the smart security device company downplayed the incident and deflected the blame from itself.

“Rest assured, we’ve investigated these incidents and did not find any indication of an unauthorized intrusion or compromise of Ring’s systems or network,” Ring wrote in an email sent to users a few days after the highly publicized incident. Yet some Ring customers across the country have reported similar hacks of …

The Witcher has monsters and naked wizards. Somehow, it’s boring.

During filming of Netflix’s new fantasy-action series The Witcher, star Henry Cavill’s workouts were apparently so intense and his bulk so massive that his muscles began wearing down his tough leather costumes at a rapid pace. Just the sheer enormity of his shoulders and glutes eroded the dead-cow clothes to unusable looseness. The Witcher’s designers had to constantly produce and reproduce outfit pieces to keep the shoots rolling.

Unfortunately, after watching eight uneven episodes of The Witcher’s first season, which debuts on Friday, December 20, I found using my imagination to fill in the myth of Cavill’s …

The golden age of kids’ YouTube is over. Good.

If the YouTube generation had its own version of The Wiggles, it’d be Bounce Patrol. It’s not just that they’re both Australian children’s music groups, although that’s probably the main thing.

Bounce Patrol is made up of a handful of adult cast members who are so perky you feel tired just watching them, who wear brightly colored T-shirts and sing nursery rhymes about Christmas and Old MacDonald and sometimes the alphabet. Like The Wiggles, Bounce Patrol is wildly popular among its target demographic of preschool- and kindergarten-aged children: At more than 11 million subscribers, its YouTube videos have been watched …

This former governor pardoned a man convicted of raping a child. His reasoning was deeply flawed.

Before he left office, former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin pardoned not one, but several men convicted of sexually abusing minors.

And on Thursday, he defended one of these pardons by sharing intimate details about a child’s anatomy.

Bevin pardoned Micah Schoettle, now 41, who had been convicted of raping a 9-year-old girl. The reason for the pardon, Bevin said, is that the girl’s hymen was intact.

“If you have been repeatedly sexually violated as a small child by an adult, there are going to be repercussions of that physically and medically,” Bevin said in a local radio interview, according to

What Trump has done to the courts, explained

In less than three years as president, President Trump has done nearly as much to shape the courts as President Obama did in eight years.

Trump hasn’t simply given lots of lifetime appointments to lots of lawyers. He’s filled the bench with some of the smartest, and some of the most ideologically reliable, men and women to be found in the conservative movement. Long after Trump leaves office, these judges will shape American law — pushing it further and further to the right even if the voters soundly reject Trumpism in 2020.

Let’s start with some raw numbers. Both Obama …