Why the Rape Claim Against Australia’s Attorney General Seems Familiar

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He was accused of sexual assault decades after it allegedly occurred, in a way that makes police investigation all but impossible. Backed by his party and the most powerful man in the country, he maintained his innocence and held one of the most important legal positions in the country, even as questions continued to swirl around him.

Which man are you thinking of: Australia’s attorney general, Christian Porter, or the United States Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh?

Of course, there are key

An extra that means safety

SSL certificates use something called public-key cryptography.

This particular type of encryption harnesses the power of two keys that are long strings of randomly generated numbers. One is called a private key, and the other is called a public key. A public key is known to the server and available in the public domain. Users can use it to encrypt any message. If Alice is sending a message to Bob, she will lock it with Bob’s public key, but the only way to decrypt it is to unlock it with Bob’s private key. Bob is the only one who has …

Trump as You’ve Never Seen Him Before

There is no shortage of merchandise in China devoted to the former president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. There are commemorative coins, toilet brushes and cat toys; countless figurines, including updated versions of Mount Rushmore, plus all those flags, bumper stickers and hats from campaigns past and future. (Does anyone still believe all that “Make America Great Again” stuff was really made in America?)

Enter the Trump Buddha.

A furniture maker and decorator in southern China has cast a sculpture of Mr. Trump in ceramic whiteware, his legs crossed and hands serenely resting in his lap. He is

Before Lockdown, This Super Fan Went to 105 Shows in One Season

Before the pandemic, he enjoyed playing host. Every winter since 1978, he had convened a series of Wednesday night salons, inviting curators, collectors, artists and art lovers to gather at his apartment. “It’s amazing the conversations that happen around midnight,” he said.

His final night out was March 9, 2020, when he went with friends to Petterino’s Monday Night Live, a cabaret showcase. “It was full throttle,” he said, “as if everyone knew the lockdown was coming.”

A few days later, he dressed up and boarded the bus to watch the symphony perform “Rhapsody in Blue” and “Boléro.” He arrived, …