Tennessee has one of the lowest vax rates. Republicans are working to keep it that way.

With only about 38 percent of its population fully vaccinated, Tennessee is in desperate need of more people getting the Covid jab. Instead, Republicans in the state are waging war on the inoculations for the most spurious of reasons.

Under pressure from increasingly vaccine-hostile Republicans, the public health department in Tennessee fired its top vaccine official earlier this week, then prohibited state officials from engaging in vaccine outreach of all forms to minors. These developments come as average new daily Covid-19 cases in the state have more than doubled since last month.

The official, Dr. Michelle Fiscus, wasn’t told in …

Suspects in Haitian President’s Killing Met to Plan a Future Without Him

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Several of the central figures under investigation by the Haitian authorities in connection with the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse gathered in the months before the killing to discuss rebuilding the troubled nation once the president was out of power, according to the Haitian police, Colombian intelligence officers and participants in the discussions.

The meetings, conducted in Florida and the Dominican Republic over the last year, appear to connect a seemingly disparate collection of suspects in the investigation, linking a 63-year-old doctor and pastor, a security equipment salesman, and a mortgage and insurance broker in Florida.


Britney Spears Fans Gathered Outside of Courthouse Awaiting News

Outside a Los Angeles courthouse on Wednesday, throngs of Britney Spears fans — and nearly an equal number of reporters and photographers — gathered under the afternoon sun as a judge evaluated Ms. Spears’s legal representation and conservatorship.

Supporters crammed onto a narrow sidewalk wearing official and D.I.Y. Britney Spears merchandise as they awaited news from inside the building. One attendee brought homemade #FreeBritney sugar cookies. Another had a portrait of the star tattooed on her arm. There were hand-lettered signs that read “The world is watching” and “End the Conservatorship Now!” #FreeBritney flags also flew among the ralliers as