U.N. Live Updates: Covid and Climate Crisis Divide Nations as Assembly Resumes

a day of somber warnings and fiery denunciations that illustrated a world divided, the United Nations General Assembly reconvened on Wednesday with the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and fault lines between democracy and authoritarianism dominating a second day of speeches by global leaders.

Among those scheduled to speak is President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, a democracy weakened by long-running conflict with an increasingly autocratic Russia. Mr. Zelensky said he would return to Ukraine immediately after his address, following an assassination attempt on Wednesday against one of his top advisers. Ukraine

Also in the day’s lineup is President Nicolás Maduro of …

The Glory and Chaos of Street Style Returned to New York

Tina Leung swanned at the entrance to the Jason Wu show wearing the designer’s bronze-tone jumpsuit and a gem-encrusted Bulgari choker. Pandemic or no, she was looking forward to the fashion week show and, not incidentally, to plugging her personal brand, one she summed up in a meme-worthy phrase: “I style, I influence, I’m fabulous.”

She was one in a crowd scattered like confetti as people made their way to Mr. Wu’s spring 2022 show, held on Sept. 10. Dripping statement jewelry and plenty of attitude, most were poised to make a statement. They trotted out the fashion equivalent of

All About Honey Refractometers for Beekeeping

While there may be a simple science behind honey refractometers, choosing the right one for your needs might be a completely different story. The last thing you want is to end up buying a tool you won’t be able to use in the first place. Before splurging in honey refractometers, here are some important things you need to consider.  

Different Types of Refractometers 

Refractometers have four primary types and these are analog, digital, inline processing, and laboratory. Laboratory refractometers are those used in medicine. These are unsuitable for something as small-scale or simple as honey testing, which means there …

Earthquake in Australia Damages Buildings in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, Australia — A magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit southeast Australia on Wednesday morning, damaging buildings and forcing hospitals to evacuate staff members and patients. It was an unusually large quake in a country less susceptible to major temblors than neighboring countries.

There were no immediate reports of serious injuries or deaths, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at a news conference from New York, where he was attending the U.N. General Assembly.

It was the largest onshore earthquake in the state of Victoria in recorded history, according to Adam Pascale, chief scientist at the Seismology Research Center. And it was the