Stella McCartney Does Mushrooms in Paris

PARIS — On the penultimate day of the ready-to-wear season the environmental conscience of fashion, which had been poking its head out tentatively over the past few weeks, finally made its full-throated entrance. Well, hello sustainability. Wondering when you’d show up.

The industry’s role in climate change was, after all, one of the great mea culpas of the pandemic. The rise of resale has been one of the more meaningful developments over the past 18 months. But it was easy to forget, it seemed, in the sheer hoo-ha of being back; safer to avoid, perhaps, lest charges of greenwashing rain

Kristalina Georgieva’s tenure at the I.M.F. is in limbo as its board weighs allegations against her.

WASHINGTON — The tenure of Kristalina Georgieva as managing director of the International Monetary Fund faces a pivotal moment on Friday, when the fund’s executive board will meet to decide whether she should continue to be its leader after allegations that she pressured staff to manipulate a report to placate China when she was a top World Bank official.

This week, the executive board spent hours questioning Ms. Georgieva about her actions. It also interviewed lawyers from WilmerHale, the firm that conducted the World Bank’s internal review of the circumstances surrounding the Doing Business survey. The review, published last month,

Seeking Solutions to Global Challenges

Panelists: Toomas Hendrik Ilves, former president, Estonia; Barnaby Francis (Bill Posters), artist, researcher, author and facilitator; and Ashley Tolbert, senior security engineer, Netflix. Moderator: Farah Nayeri, a culture reporter for The New York Times.

MS. NAYERI I think deep fakes first came to the general public’s attention in 2017 when there were a huge number of videos of celebrities and actors engaging in pornographic acts, which they actually never did in real life, going viral. And so this whole conversation, this whole debate, started getting inflamed right around that time. And nowadays, from what I understand, just about anybody can …