National emergencies could be a step toward political violence

It’s easy to view President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency as a joke, particularly when the president himself said while making the declaration, “I didn’t need to do this. But I’d rather do it much faster.”

Much of the conversation around President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency has focused on its partisan and procedural effects: how it will allow the president to frustrate Congress and redirect spending, how future presidents might use the precedent to do the same, the absence of any immediate emergency as the word is normally defined. And the aadministration has so far been unable …

Why Choose Essence Mascara?

One’s eye balls have been always labeled as the window to one’s soul. Whenever people meet for the first time, they look at one another’s eyes. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to use an Essence mascara to keep your eyes more interesting and gorgeous.

Mascara is the type of makeup made particularly for eyelashes. The mascara’s purpose is to enhance the beauty that one’s eyes give. Usually, mascara is an inexpensive way to bring out the beauty in your face. …

Oscars 2019: winners, nominations, and biggest moments

The 91st Academy Awards took place on Sunday, February 24. Green Book won Best Picture.

The 2019 Academy Awards took place on Sunday, February 24. The awards had no host after Kevin Hart stepped down amid controversy over homophobic jokes he’d made in the past, leading to the first host-free Oscars ceremony since 1989.

The show had also been dogged by controversial attempts to shorten its runtime.

But the proceedings went smoother than many people expected. The show opened with a performance by the surviving members of Queen (joined by