One’s eye balls have been always labeled as the window to one’s soul. Whenever people meet for the first time, they look at one another’s eyes. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to use an Essence mascara to keep your eyes more interesting and gorgeous.

Mascara is the type of makeup made particularly for eyelashes. The mascara’s purpose is to enhance the beauty that one’s eyes give. Usually, mascara is an inexpensive way to bring out the beauty in your face.

Essence mascara

What is Essence Mascara?

If you want to add a new item for your mascara collection, you can never go wrong with Essence Mascara. It is known for its iconic and special shape of fiber that provides eyelashes with dramatic volume and length and false eyelash effect. In addition to that, it can be perfect for your daily use or during occasions.

Essence mascara

As one of the leading brands of cosmetics in Europe, Essence will inspire you to express who you really are with fun, style, and confidence. You may try different gorgeous looks with a big range of breakthrough Essence beauty items that follow the hottest formulas and colors of the season and suit all types of skin. Every Essence product is made of high quality standards, not animal-tested, and super affordable.

Essence Mascara – How to Apply Mascara Properly

There are some ways on how you can apply mascara properly. Some of these include the following:

  1. Use Your Eyelash Curler

    Choose a curler with curved silicone guard, which covers the eyelash curler’s full width to ensure pinch-free squeeze. Some recommend using quality eyelash curler to ensure maximum curl and stability.

  2. Apply Mascara’s First of 2 Coats

    Begin with the shorter hair in your inner eye, coaxing hairs outwards to open your eyes. Begin at the eyelash base and draw brush upward as well as outward for maximum volume. Experts recommend that you add eyelashes after your first coat and make another coat layer of mascara for better results.

  3. Apply Waterproofing Serum

    Some would surely not include a topcoat for their mascara. But, did you know that an eyelash serum is important to set your mascara and lock eyelashes in place. For life-proof eyelashes and waterproof lashes, you can find some of the best products in a cosmetics store to complete your look. Although this step is not really necessarily, if it is the height of summer and it is humid outside or you are just somebody who tears up due to a certain thing, it is recommended that you skip mascara topcoat. Messy mascara does not do anybody any favors.

Essence mascara is known for its quality and great results. If you have decided to buy one to try its effectiveness, you can buy at online and local stores. If you’re confused with the available options for Essence mascara, pick the one that is suitable for your needs or preferences. You can also read some reviews if possible.

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