Headphones refer to small speakers often won either in or around the ear. Conventionally, headphones are characterized by double ear cups linked by a band over an individual head. Music lovers cannot figure out a day without music. To them, a mobile and a phone are not detachable.

Bluetooth headphones

The Best Bluetooth Headphones

After a lengthy comparison, we came up with a list of the best headphones one can opt for. This section discusses the topmost Bluetooth headphones an individual can opt for. The list follows a long comparison of at least three hundred headphones. Let us see.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

This one comes first in the rank of the best Bluetooth earphones 2019. They are quite comfortable and multipurpose Bluetooth over-ears that are very appropriate in a number of use cases. One of the best features individuals love them for is their noise annulment feature.

Bluetooth headphones

Besides, they have appropriately balanced sound, giving a good bass quality without necessarily overpowering the gadgets and vocals. In addition, they are also characterized by the best wireless range along with efficient battery life. They can as well pair at least two devices concurrently and therefore users can enjoy audio from various sources such as from the tablet and the phone.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

These are among the best and fairly priced Bluetooth headphones. Suppose you cannot afford Bose QuietComfort 35 II and you really need a pair of multipurpose Bluetooth headphones, Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 is the best ever alternative. They cost below $200 yet they are featured with the best noise cancellation effects. Using them is quite easier. What is more, they have the best wireless range along with 30-hour battery life.

Bluetooth headphones

With no auto-off feature, they can potentially last you an entire weekend of heavy usage. Their greatest strength is in the fact that they can actually pack more bass compared to the suggested headphones in this list. They are also properly designed with a simple to use and efficient controls. The only negative thing about them is that they are a little bit heavier and therefore won’t be the most appropriate choice when traveling.

Jaybird Tarah Pro

Are in need of fit of in-ear headphones and wishes to have workout-ready wireless headphones? Jaybird Tarah Pro is all you need. They are upgraded from the Jaybird Tarah and are well-built-in-ears. It has 13 hours battery life, two times longer compared to the original Tarah. Besides, they are featured with small constancy fins and therefore can fit securely.


Jabra Elite Active 65t

These Bluetooth headphones will help you move beyond wires completely. They have less fit when compared to Jaybird Tarah Pro, though they equally fit for nearly all sports. They are capable of isolating all the noise emanating from the surrounding. Their battery is just fine, though they can only last you for five hours on a charge.

Anker SoundCore Liberty Air

Last in the list but has the best sound compared to the aforementioned types. They are not only breathable but also lightweight earbuds with the ability to impressively well. They are the best choice for individuals who love heavy bass.


Music often touches our hearts. Bluetooth headphones can help us really appreciate music. This article has covered five of the best types of Bluetooth headphones. In case of questions or suggestions, feel free to comment and we’ll be glad to be of help.

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