While Mac users won’t be able to use CHKDSK for rescuing data from an external drive, they have an even better option: Disk Utility’s First Aid feature. Based on its name, the main function of this First Aid feature is to assess and repair storage devices that don’t work as they should.

Rescuing data from an external drive
Lost data? Find hope in rescuing data from an external drive

Since its user interface is nice and easy to use, this is somewhat self-explanatory. However, here are the steps you should follow to perform this method:

  1. Proceed to Finder. Choose Application and select Utilities. Launch Disk Utility. 
  2. From the list found on the left, choose the specific hard drive you like to repair. 
  3. Click the button marked as First Aid. 
  4. Verify that you like First Aid to assess the partition for errors. 

Hire a Reliable Hard Drive Data Recovery Service 

The only downside about rescuing data from an external hard drive is that sometimes, you can’t simply do it at home using DIY software for data recovery. There are instances, like in the case of hard drives with physical damage, when your best option is to look for a reliable data recovery service centre.

How to easily recover data from a broken Seagate external hard drive

These service providers are made up of professionals who have long years of experience under their belt and use state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to perform the recovery on your behalf. While these data recovery centres are not made equal, they pretty much follow the same workflow, which involves the following steps:

  1. You place a work order. 
  2. Pack your media properly and prepare it for shipping. 
  3. Get a professional estimate. 
  4. Agree with the price quote given. 
  5. Wait for your data to be recovered and safely delivered to you on an external hard drive, a flash drive, or a DVD. 

Unlike what most people seem to assume, rescuing data from an external drive with the help of a professional doesn’t come with hefty price tags. Many legitimate companies charge justly for the service, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of money only to get no results at all. 

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